Uniflex Industrial Roof Coatings by Sherwin Williams

If you have a chronic leak that no one can find, or fix, Uniflex is your answer

We’re all familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s experiment with different colors of cloth laid over a piece of glass in the snow. He noted how deeply each eventually sank into the melting snow. The darker the color the more energy is absorbed so the deeper it sank, the lighter the color the less it sank. Uniflex works much the same way by reflecting the energy and by its ability to transfer very little of the energy. Even though Uniflex doesn’t have a “R” value it’s equivalent to 5″ of insulation.

You can extend the life of your metal roof panels by installing Uniflex. After 10 years, you simply power wash and apply another top coat. Then, you’re good for another 10 years!

Uniflex has a non yellowing formula which means it will keep its original performance design throughout the coating life.

By installing Uniflex, your building will be much cooler and will use less energy which saves you money. Without installing Uniflex, your employees could suffer the ill effects of heat stress which include time off of the job and lower productivity to name a few. When you provide a comfortable environment productivity goes up.

Imagine the peace of mind you will have by: extending the life of your roof panels, saving energy, providing a more comfortable work environment and helping to shape the future of energy consumption. You can make a difference!

 6/11/12 Outside temp.  Top of Roof  Underside of Roof
Coated roof no insulation

(Office & CNC Bld.)

1pm – 91 degrees

3pm – 96 degrees

1pm – 100 degrees3pm – 100 degrees 1pm – 94 degrees3pm – 94 degrees
Uncoated roof no insulation(Warehouse Bld.) 1pm – 91 degrees3pm – 96 degrees 1pm – 96 degrees3pm – 111 degrees 1pm – 112 degrees3pm – 126 degrees
Coated roof with 6″ insulation 3pm – 96 degrees 3pm – 107 degrees 3pm – 93 degrees

Coated metal roof with 6″ vinyl insulation under deck, side walls insulated with R-11 3″

Date Time  Outside Temperature  Inside Temperature
5/3/12 2:50 pm 90 outside 85 inside
6/8/12 3:30 pm

93 outside

82 inside

Field Lab

Before coating 8/8/12 and after coating 8/13/12

Date Time Air Temperature Roof Surface Temperature Underside Deck
8/8/12 3 pm 98 degrees 119 degrees 108 degrees
 8/13/12 3:30 pm 100 degrees 102 degrees 95 degrees

Coating livestock buildings can reduce the negative effects from heat stress.

There have been many studies that show the benefits of providing a cooler environment for livestock  Some examples, of these benefits, would be improved weight gain and reproduction – especially in the poultry industry.

The same studies have all concluded that heat stress:  produces lower quality eggs, drastically reduces egg production and greatly increases mortality rates – which costs you thousands of dollars.

There is no need to spend money on water cooled systems that require constant maintenance and increased electrical cost. By coating the roof with Uniflex, you stop the leaks, extend the life of your roof and basically ‘insulate’ your roof for free. It’s a positive step in the right direction for healthier livestock and increased profits. 

Ask anyone who shows birds in competitions and they’ll all tell you a cooler bird is a healthier bird and a healthier bird is a winner.

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